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File 149262367594.gif - (777.69KB , 637x868 , 1474402236001.gif )
523 No. 523 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Since most posts here are shitposts, why can't we just collect anime related trippy gifs and tell on which drug we are right now?

100µg 1P-LSD afterglow reporting in.
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>> No. 600 [Edit]
I took a 300mg bottle of Robogels because I wanted to get some inspiration, or at the very least remember how I used to get inspiration.

It was rather helpful.
It had no visual effects, there was a lot of stomach discomfort.

I enjoyed some 'dark' thoughts and a vivid dream of my waifu.
>> No. 601 [Edit]
File 151823023716.jpg - (280.65KB , 480x640 , 1459755138015.jpg )
I managed to acquire dextroamphetimine today. I took 10mg about 15 minutes ago. I'm only just beginning to feel bruxism and a little speedy.

An hour later, I barely feel anything. that speedy feeling and mild bruxism passed quickly.

An hour and 10 minutes or so after I first dosed, I've decided to redose.

2 hours after I redosed. I'm feeling better. Mildly euphoric and noticeably more alert. I'd been playing an online video game to compare my performance and I'm unbelievably better. It's quite a strange emotion, I don't feel much different, but it's as if I'm watching myself play at a level I've never known.

Now 2 hours since my last paragraph I feel I've returned completely to baseline. I even feel quite tired. Thought I've still got a few hours left until bed.
>> No. 616 [Edit]
File 155465661039.jpg - (68.58KB , 500x636 , 3af2d9820ef7766800bf63d984bf0020.jpg )
DXM currently. I drank a bottle of delsym and im feeling pretty good, just laying in bed. Very tired, but in a good way I guess. Anyone lurking?
>> No. 617 [Edit]
File 155476968294.jpg - (91.75KB , 500x502 , 1553722402288.jpg )
I check in now and again.

Delsym huh? I've heard good things. They don't seem to sell it here though.

File 149491024517.jpg - (72.23KB , 640x625 , IMG_1287.jpg )
548 No. 548 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Marijuana (smoked, vaped, BHO, hash)
Tobacco (cigarette, cigar, pipe)
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>> No. 610 [Edit]
Nutmeg huh?
Isn't that just a meme?
>> No. 612 [Edit]
Thats what they want you to think
>> No. 614 [Edit]
I'm 4 hours after I took 16g of that disgusting power for the SECOND TIME after I tried the nutmeg that was in the house, instead of getting fresh stuff.
Well the fresh stuff is a meme too apparently. I'm not even remotely inebriated and I'm supposed to feel drunk already and delirious in 1 hours? I don't think so.

Why am I such a dumbass about these legal highs
>> No. 615 [Edit]
Sometimes it takes a long time to work
And honestly, it's different for everyone, maybe you're just not someone who can get high on it
I'm not sure, maybe you didn't take enough? I don't know, man.
But honestly I started DXM again recently and it's so much better than nutmeg, if you want a legal high DXM is the way to go.

File 154442164847.png - (247.88KB , 472x428 , 3ef9fb9e1cd3a9a6220a25b5d28e3fab82d2b7b5.png )
608 No. 608 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I've almost overdosed twice this ywar
anyone else had experiences? probably for the best
>> No. 609 [Edit]
What did you almost OD on?
Do you have harm reduction? Would you consider yourself addicted to whatever it is?

I haven't had anything interesting lately, nevermind all year. I've wanted that to change, but there's not really a pleasant substance on what's left of the clearnet lately.
It baffles me, the stupidity people tend to embark on when they have OD / near-OD events.
>> No. 611 [Edit]
Coke and alcohol respectively
Don't know what you mean by harm reduction, but I usually do the basics of keeping it as safe as possible. I Don't consider myself addicted to any substance specifically but I think I probably have a dependence on being altered.
OD/near-ODing I think breaks your brain in a way that people are more suscept to act retarded after, im definitely not an exception

File 149401432411.png - (189.71KB , 519x533 , polar-ice-vodka-product-bottles[1].png )
541 No. 541 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Unfortunately I got none of that 420 stuff but I do have plenty of vodka. Whats your drink of choice TC? Screwdrivers are love.

Whats the NEET life without the occasional affair with alcoholism?
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>> No. 546 [Edit]
Kirin is my favourite import beer.

For a few years now the extent of my drinking alone has been the occasional six pack while I watch a foreign film or play a foreign game.
Drinking Tsingtao while playing Detention for instance was an amazing experience. The drunk buzz increased the dreamy headspace.

North American beer in general is pretty crap. Craft stuff is better.
>> No. 547 [Edit]
I really want to try some nip beer just to see how it compares to the crap I normally drink, last night went out for a pack of 30 budlites they now sell here.

Its water, but it works. Although I've never been much a snob when it comes to beers, I want the effect then the rest.
>> No. 557 [Edit]
File 149505533632.png - (2.71MB , 1440x2160 , the alcohol lie.png )
>> No. 605 [Edit]
File 152589384654.jpg - (75.36KB , 700x700 , 12026801_reddsappleale_main.jpg )
I love Redd's, Raspberry is my favorite.

File 135796839282.png - (474.21KB , 853x480 , 582381_10151351755328464_1101028615_n.png )
421 No. 421 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
first post and I am on dxm is this real
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>> No. 496 [Edit]
File 148738333485.jpg - (818.06KB , 1366x768 , God_Is_An_Astronaut.jpg )
I'm about to take DXM and even I'm not sure if this is real.
Apparently it's been here for years.
I never got the memo.
>> No. 509 [Edit]
File 148849888564.jpg - (646.77KB , 853x480 , index (7).jpg )
DXM general?

I'll post here, since I don't like the kind of responses I'd get posting on 420chan and I'd like to see this board used.

Gonna do 600mg in a few days, in the form of Robogels.
Haven't really been reacting to the far more economical syrup lately, it just makes me puke or shit and doesn't get me past a high 2nd plat on a 750mg dose.

The whole ordeal is making me consider going back to just 300mg Robogel trips only and eschewing the higher plats because I just can't reach them anymore, even when I potentiate and keep it all in.

At this point all I want is access to better drugs.
>> No. 511 [Edit]
File 148860433671.jpg - (39.49KB , 540x309 , qweasdzxc vdfv.jpg )
Just finished downing 40 robogels in 2 hours. I preloaded with, 30ml Pepto-Bismol, 1000mg of Garlic, 50DPH and drank 500ml of pink grapefruit juice.

I've only just started feeling the effects of the DXM, this is probably due to the delayed onset incurred by the consumption of pink grapefruit juice.

As far as headspace goes, I've have a few good omens today, listening to the Animatrix soundtrack on the walk to the drugstore was amazing, I saw am empty bottle of DXM-only Benylin and felt a sort of kinship with a stranger, knowing the only reason it'd be there is because someone downed it on the way home.
They're either tired of the Wildberry flavour or they don't know better since "Tickly cough" has a shitload of sorbitol which will make you shit a shitload.
>> No. 604 [Edit]
I tried DXM for the first time yesterday, and man was it nice. I just took a lot of regular cough medicine, so it hurt my stomach at first. It kicked in about an hour later, my vision was kinda weird but I felt very relaxed. I had this ( song stuck in my head the whole time and at one point I started slowly dancing to it, thats how chill I was. I had to do the dishes so it took me a bit longer than usual to get them done, but I was high the whole time so it wasn't as hard and stressful. Then I just watched movies and it was nice. I think it lasted for about 3-5 hours, which I was surprised about. I'm probably gonna do it once or twice a month now. It really helps me relax and stay calm.

File 149699764123.gif - (1.36MB , 500x396 , animecig.gif )
567 No. 567 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
i fucking love tobacco. dip, pouches, cigarettes, let's talk about it.

i started out on camel crush, i smoked them for around a year.
i finally got a taste for actual tobacco unhampered by menthol later when an old friend gave me a carton of peace lights.
moved up from peace lights onto camel wides, to american spirits, to traffic reds(cheap and strong!), to parliaments, to lucky strike unfiltered, and have tried everything in between at least once.
i got pneumonia and sinus infections and killed all of my taste buds so i had to use dip for a while, until those started giving my mouth ulcers, so i would go back to cigarettes till they made me sick again, then back to dip, repeat.

finally i quit for my waifu. i want to live as long as possible.
but i still think back on tobacco extremely fondly and bring it up in conversation often.

i never liked marlboros, i don't know why they're loved by all. they were flavorless in my opinion. maybe that's why people like them. i think cigarettes scare everybody even if they don't admit it, so they like smoking something that has no flavor so as to not remind them further that they're dying?
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>> No. 594 [Edit]
I tried menthols.
Damn they're good.
>> No. 599 [Edit]
Haven't smoked in ages, simply cannot afford it at these prices.
I'm not ripping my skin out, but damn do I want a smoke.
>> No. 602 [Edit]
File 152531089995.png - (846.58KB , 1278x718 , DiamondDogs.png )
So I switched to e-cig because of the price, and I read people saying it tastes even better than cigarettes, but to me they taste nothing like it, nowhere near as good.

That said, I know there are a lot of makers of flavours and they maybe as good but I haven't tried them.
>> No. 603 [Edit]
I imagine as a smoker, you're used to more nuanced, richer flavours than e-cigarettes can provide. Vaping really took off because people were enamored with the variety of choices and indeed, I only took it up because of such choice was also universally available in a nicotine-free version. Maybe at the higher end of the price range there are flavours with more complexity, but I've yet to taste them. There also seems to be a relation to flavour and temperature that's difficult to achieve, since higher temperatures vaporize more juice and therefore give off more taste, higher temperatures also tend to degrade and eventually burn the juice and scorch the coil which ruins the experience.

File 139001889174.jpg - (247.39KB , 1920x1080 , 1389369383745.jpg )
469 No. 469 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
need more hydros and oxys
>> No. 522 [Edit]
File 149177082560.jpg - (729.27KB , 845x1200 , abe2.jpg )
My only experience with opioids is with Kratom (and technically DXM) and even this shitty mud hooks me so bad, that I'm glad to not have a source for the good stuff.

May the angels be with you, with us all.
>> No. 593 [Edit]
I wish I had some oxy. Such a good high

File 148683049413.jpg - (228.69KB , 1050x740 , 1267942972640.jpg )
486 No. 486 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
wake n bake 420
25 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 521 [Edit]
File 149143530173.gif - (202.57KB , 500x299 , rti9OKK.gif )
>> No. 584 [Edit]
This vape ain't working any more.
>> No. 585 [Edit]
File 150169174377.gif - (142.47KB , 378x299 , 1326157235391.gif )
Does it need a new coil? A new battery? Hopefully you didn't buy one of those uber-proprietary vapes with no replaceable parts...
>> No. 586 [Edit]
Naw it's good. Turns out the wax was getting low + I wasn't taking puffs. USB charger shit. High right now, good shit

File 149392903653.jpg - (466.97KB , 985x830 , 1327288875432.jpg )
538 No. 538 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
If you don't want this board deleted, vote in this poll.
>> No. 545 [Edit]
File 149412861684.png - (794.54KB , 1280x738 , 1469655525340.png )
>> No. 555 [Edit]
Didn't know you were so pro-druggie-culture. How disappointing.

Enjoy your victory though, I guess.
>> No. 558 [Edit]
File 149505974863.jpg - (178.72KB , 1033x798 , 1440029665556.jpg )
I wouldn't say I'm big on it. In fact I'd say the opposite. Most druggies, and "druggie culture" in general, are not worthy of respect.

That said there's a hidden board on this website in which users discuss real life meetups, and it's mentioned that two users would even be sharing a room (hmm why is that...). There are posts on this board from well before I started using this site, and just like that other hidden board, I think there's no reason to delete them as they're a part of the history of Tohno-chan.

I was surprised to see that this board made it to the rules page (replacing the /txt/ thread). I was again surprised to see that it made the front page, and while I didn't say anything until it came under dispute, I did not think it was a good idea from the start. I voted to make it a hidden board in the poll.

I've deleted enough drug-related posts on other boards to think that this board is worth keeping. I don't want to turn this into a blog so I'll stop there. Feel free to PM me on IRC or call me out in the channel if you have more comments.

File 137157841898.jpg - (47.82KB , 333x299 , 1254878879290.jpg )
460 No. 460 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
im aaso hi lol
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 501 [Edit]
File 148771340239.jpg - (75.31KB , 540x732 , 1436306906266.jpg )
high im hi?? weed daily
>> No. 502 [Edit]
File 148778311681.jpg - (50.83KB , 440x601 , 1438498624601.jpg )
another day in the life
>> No. 539 [Edit]
File 149396628545.jpg - (270.89KB , 1280x720 , anime girls love weed.jpg )
>> No. 540 [Edit]
File 149399713970.jpg - (59.18KB , 710x1060 , 1352125457364.jpg )

File 149314116585.jpg - (409.94KB , 1943x2048 , C8O83j5V0AAHwPR.jpg )
530 No. 530 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]

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